Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cue to Cue to Cue to Cue

Tickets for my family!

So here's something I've never done before! Cue. To cue. Okay so maybe I've done in on a much smaller scale, but this right here. This is legit.

Basically what my last three rehearsals have consisted of has been starting a scene, saying a few lines, getting a hold, going back to that spot, entering again, saying your lines, getting a hold, either doing it again, or skipping to the ending transition. This is all while the lighting people and the sound people get their cues down.

And I'm actually enjoying it a lot! Lights have always been the icing on the cake for me. Once you are doing your scene with lights on you, it brings some sort of magic into it. I know its cheesy but I kinda get emotional about it! Like my passion for the art is brought out under the lights.

It is astounding how absolutely beautiful these lights are. They compliment the stage so well and bring out almost a fairy tale like color in all of the scenes. Its really making our good play turn into something great.

So, SIX DAYS until opening! SIX DAYS We have all of our props, and I believe our costumes start today. Wow. What an addition that will be. We're finally going through a real, live run of the show.

Oh! And we started playing with the electronic cigarettes. So fun and interesting! Granted, it tastes like crap - its pretty legit. The smoke is so realistic. Just as long as i don't try to smoke it the wrong way or ACTUALLY light it on fire when i'm 'pretending' to light it. We'll be good. This is a pretty fail proof play. haha.


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