Thursday, November 4, 2010


Its opening night! All of our hard work is finally paying off with an audience tonight!

Things have been turning out really well. Monday's rehearsal was rough, and we were a little scared we weren't going to make it work in time. But something happened Tuesday and we were ON! Things started getting.. fun (not that they weren't already, but it was like we were discovering something new), which showed.

Yesterday was our 'Preview' which was a new concept to me. A preview is the night before the show when all the theatre majors and grad students can come to the show for free. (Which is AWESOME for us - audience practice, and awesome for them - free show). We had an audience of about 20 which was just enough to pump up the adrenaline and give us practice for tonight.

No drastic mistakes, the whole performance felt great. The one little pinch in the night was that two people decided it would be a good idea to sneak in to the theatre after the show started (doors close for good once the show starts, no late entry) and they came in through one of the doors in the wings. So as I was making an exit offstage, I exited through the audience kind of and had to go behind the seats against the wall (the seats are kind of beacher esque so i exit underneath them) they were trying to get in! Cool guys. haha.

So we're ready tonight, for sure. Its my Ohio State University theatre DEBUT! It finally hit me when I saw the program.

Its actually quite a fun experience backstage. Our call is 6:35, we have a warmup onstage which is really great. Thats about 10 minutes. Then we hit the dressing rooms where we have some costume people helping us get dressed and such. The show is hooked up to speakers throughout the greenroom and the dressing rooms so we can always hear whats going on, as well as a monitor so we can see it too! Its kind of fun now because in the Thurber Theatre Aida is working, so sometimes we have two sound streams and two monitors going at once! Then at about 7:20 we're released into the theater to do the preshow which consists of talking to the audience in our accent, but not necessarily in our character. One person starts a stomp-clap that gets us back onto stage, we introduce ourselves as our characters, and we begin the show!

8 Shows! Lets do this! My Aunt Mermie is coming tomorrow. My mom, grandma and Aunt Pam are coming on Saturday, and the following weekend my Dad, Aunt Shelly and Aunt Joan are coming! Hopefully along with that a bunch of friends will show up too. Looking forward to posting tons of pictures! A photographer actually came to the show on Tuesday and took tons of pictures which I am hoping end up on the Theatre server so I can get my hands on some! We'll see!

On a different note, I got an e-mail from the Spring Awakening people that informed me that they are giving us a new script! The one we originally received was the original translation which had a lot of dense language. This one is a more modern translation, so not much is really new except it will be a lot easier to memorize, listen to, and have fun with!

AH I'm trilled, here we go!!

"There's things we all want to do Alex, but we can't always do them...
You know what I mean? Like... live until I'm twenty five - at least."

- Sarah Black (On The Shore of the Wide World)

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  1. Congratulations on opening and here is a retro-active 'break-a-leg!' I remember that feeling, the first show in college. It's suddenly the most professional project you've ever worked on. Enjoy the run and continue to find things and learn and have fun.