Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leaving The Shore

So, that's a wrap! On The Shore of the Wide World has come to a close... and its surreal.

(The show poster.. which for some reason I didn't post before... but just found online!)

All of our hard work, memorization and analysis has paid off in a great run. This weekend has had its highs and lows, but all together I think we were really proud of what we'd accomplished. I'd say the general consensus was that everyone was happy that it was over so they could have their time back, but sad because it was such a great group of people.
Tuesday night was incredible. By far the greatest show for me hands down. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was having a day off to kind of recoop, and since we had just done 4 days in a row i kind of needed one. And it also might have been that on Monday I worked with Corbin and Taylor on Corbin's directing scene. I don't know if I've already explained this but Corbin needed some people to act in a scene he's directing and asked me to help... so we rehearsed that on Monday. And what really helped was that he introduced me and Taylor to a new technique called the "Meisner Technique". What we basically did was sat in chairs facing each other - one of us looked down at the script and memorized as much of the line as we could - looked up - looked at the other - and without any emotion or anything spoke the line. A very interesting technique which called for extreme focus. By the end of that rehearsal we were in the zone! And i believe a little of that carried over into Tuesday's performance.
I really don't know what it was Tuesday, but i felt GREAT. I was pumped beforehand. I hardly warmed up, but I just had loads of energy inside of me - i was ready to burst. The second I hit the stage for the preshow, i was in character. All of the energy was channeling into the perfect character. It was the only day i really walked offstage after my scenes saying 'YES'. brilliance.

Me and Corbin tryna be cool backstage with electronic cigarettes.

Wednesday on the other hand. Horror story. Nothing went wrong like lost lines or tripping and falling, but the energy was horrific. We weren't our characters, i don't know who we were. Or I was at least. I think we were all a little down about the performance. Especially because the people from the Royal Shakespeare Company were there - and they saw the original production of the show in London. Huge step down on Wednesday.
Thursday we had off. Friday was another good day. Slightly less good then Tuesday, but still good. My dad and my Aunt Shelly and Joan were there, so it was nice for them to see a good performance.

Allison and I, love her fake pregnant belly!

And tonight, tonight was bitter sweet. The energy was a little low because we were upset. There were a few flubs, but it was a nice closing night. Not the best ever, but i think we had fun and thats all that matters. After the show was photo call. First time I had one of those... after a performance. We staged a few scenes so the photographer could take some pictures. And we also gave Mandy (or director) a gift - it was so nice! Allison got a matte frame for all of us to sign, that framed the show poster (posted above) so we all got to sign it and a card for her and Sam (the stage manager).. and I think Mandy really liked it. Very cool.

Classic dressing room shot.

So whats next for me?! Well.
- Corbin's director scene. Gotta memorize that. Its a cool teacher/student piece, I play the student. I think I'll post a little about that later, but we have our first 'show' kind of thing in.. wow... 5 days? I have to memorize. Its a 10(ish) minute play... for a class.
- SPRING'S AWAKENING! That starts in January. I plan on being off book by Jan. 3rd. I have from now till then to get cracking and analyze the play too! Gotta make a good impression on this one, but i'm SO excited for it to start. Its gonna be quite an experience.

So, here's to being 'On the Shore' :) Can't believe its over. Much love to the cast and crew <3

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