Friday, November 26, 2010

"I mean, you made it to Ohio. Who knows where else we can go."

Meh - Its been a while. Where to begin.

I've been so disconnected from the theater scene lately, its so.... unusual.. and I don't particularly like it. I guess that's what happens between shows, not much to do about it except involve yourself in other less committal activities. Such as the film and scene.

The film was quite an interesting experience. The first time I've done anything like that. Having to be conscious of where the camera is, how loud you say your lines.. And the most interesting part was the WAY you say them. If you say it in a theatrical way the way you'd say it on stage - it looks phony and unrealistic. Film is so pure and natural that its a whole different style of acting. That was interesting.

It was draining too. We worked for maybe.. four, five hours? Which I know is hardly anything compared to alot of film projects. But I think it takes more out of you then stage performance. There's so much stopping and starting in between lines that its SO hard to carry on emotions throughout the whole scene. The focus required is insane. Along with that keeping consistency with where you are, where your looking, so that different shots look like a whole scene... that's hard too.

Overall I liked it because it was a challenge. I definitely want to to more of it, especially because I know it gets much more pro from here. We still have one more scene to shoot. I'm excited to see the final product! And maybe, just mayyybe if its good I'll post it on here :)

The director scene also went well. I think. We had our first performance so that it could get critiqued and we could work from there. And as an actress, I knew the scene was off. I felt boring. The next rehearsal we changed things around a bit which I think will make it more interesting. Not much to report.

I had an appointment with my academic adviser the other day, and I can't even tell you how amazing I felt afterward. She officially changed my major to Art and Technology and was genuinely excited for me. She said that those two things go so well together... something I had never really thought about before. Theater and Animation are compatible? She was so interested she wants to schedule another meeting to talk about all the career possibilities I have. WOW. I never thought I had any possibilities other then an Actress. If I wasn't an actress I was just going to stay at home, raise a few kids, and encourage my husband to make more money.

Kidding - but really. The idea that my interests are going to combine into the ULTIMATE career is an incredible realization for me. Of course, being an actress will always be my top priority. But now, I have another option. Another goal. And having that security that no matter what my life is going to be enjoyable... now that's a great feeling.

Random thoughts of the week:

I scheduled an appointment to get head shots done!

Looking for a job this summer to teach/help out with children theater. Can't really start looking till the spring. But I'm searching for some options.

Invited to a theater kid dodge ball game.... that can't be a good idea.

Saw 'Love and other drugs' - pretty good. And I think someone who works in the theater department at Ohio State was IN IT. could be wrong, but i don't think i am ;)

AH ALMOST FORGOT - I jumped into a lake the other night in 20/30 degree weather! IT WAS AWESOME. Granted, i had stage two slight stage three hypothermia.... the thousands of other people there made it one of the best nights of my life.

The Ohio State vs. Michigan game is tomorrow. Its the biggest rivalry I've ever witnessed in my life. People have been preparing all week. Taping over all the letter 'M's on campus signs and what not. I sold my ticket for $100. I think football is dumb. If we lose, cars will be flipped and set on fire. COOL.

It was my roomie, Ali's, birthday! Check out her blog. 'Ali's Blog About Nothing'. YAY!

Oh yeah. Thanksgiving happened. Yesterday. Woo.

Two weeks until I go HOME TO JERSEY!

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